Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Fortunately I got in while the getting was good:


Other news: Dana, George, Margarete and I won the "Engineering Award" at the 3rd annual Georgia Tech Auto Show for our biodiesel entry.

Looks like I might be able to work in SPSU in the near future.

FIRST regionals were fun - met some folks from Scientific Atlanta. Looking forward to the international event later this month.

My secret project is still in progress, doubt I will be ready for FLL, but we'll see.

Lots of great biodiesel activity on the web and in Atlanta - might get to meet one of the movers in the SE at a book signing next weekend (over my lunch break?!?) or maybe if we can talk him into coming to the store.

Too bad Diamlyer-Chrysler isn't behind diesel Smart cars in the U.S. - we could have a revolution on our hands; maybe I'll find out from Joe D. how to get one from Canada.

Spring has sprung.


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