Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sabrosita 590 AM!

Internet radio from Mexico, D.F. Of all the stations I have regularly been able to receive, Sabrosito is my favorite. It's a real station in Mexico which people actually listen too (although the ads for a dentist with the sound of a drill and someone whining are a little disconcerting) with DJ's who are entertaining, don't talk too much, who take callers (but not too many) and play great salsa/mambo.

When I want just salsa music, RealNetworks own free "latin" station is great as well. It mixes a little more latino-pop/rap etc., but it seems like the programmer knows the music pretty well. Also, RadioTVE from Porto Alegre, Brazil, is the best all-around Brazilian station I'v found - it's public radio too, but as it is Brazil, that means lots of popular music; I can more-or-less count on hearing Clara Nunes, Elis Regina and any of the other "big" samba/MPB names in 30 minutes of listening. They have news on the half-hour too.

I haven't had time for more research since RealPlayer has been working so well. There are probably more stations available each through WinMedia and Shoutcast, but I've always had problems streaming both of those.

It's great having streaming music for background when I have to be in front of the computer for long stretches.

If you like Mexican culture and "latin" dance music, check out Sabrositio!


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