Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Heeey, C-Note!

That's what I heard while purusing lamps with my wonderful better-half today at the new Ikea. Trent and Barb where making their first visit there and saw us (before we saw them.) Have to give credit where it is due - Trent started calling me C-note about two years ago at my former work and since it is one of the few times I have had a nickname that wasn't momentary, it perculated until I needed a blog title. C-note is still a little too common so ChazSMNotes it is!

Thank Trent - hopefully we will have a chance to talk at Keith's holiday party!


Sunday, November 20, 2005

CsmNotes 2

10/27/05 first post (finally had time after moving and waiting for ISP re-connect.)

Tech Tip: Title in an acceptable programming variable naming format of FooBarVar (capitalizing first letter of each "word" of VarName.)

Future subjects: iPod Shuffle Band-Aid case revision (thanks Derek at for original idea and inspiration) and BioDiesel links and info in Atlanta (Revolution Autoworks on Dekalb Industrial Dr. considering BioD refuleing spot.)