Saturday, July 12, 2008

Desk at Work

My desk came with a Dell (tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse.) I added the Logitech Marble Mouse, Adesso mini-key board and separate number-pad (moslty for Portuguese and Spanish accent character input) and the awesome ACI Memory Foam mouse-pad (great wrist-rest for the regular mouse) from Fry's and Microcenter - the Dell keyboard with number-pad and the trackball wouldn't both fit the keyboard tray, so now I have multiple input options to maximize ergonomics, as well as left and right-hand pointer control.

I've got a nice big return which is a great staging area, and as it is a laser-printer parts company, my own HP 1200. The large monitor is great and while I have my system font set for large, the in-house database doesn't support scaling and Internet Explorer is so-so about zooming sites, so sometimes I have to stow the keyboard tray and sit right up next to the desk to reduce eye-strain.

It's the best work-station I've had at a job, so I have to show it off!


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